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into gaza. >>> steve colbert says there are only a couple of differences between him and the brand new fax figurine revealed today at madam tusseaus here in d.c. the real colbert says he's already broadcasted naked from the waist down. couldn't get away with that on this show. bruce leshan reports there's yet another difference as well. >> ladies and gentlemen, one, two, me. >> reporter: stephen colbert plays a right wing pundit on comedy central. like anyone vain enough to appear on tv every night. >> i may be a news junkie but i also got to have my story. >> reporter: he just cannot get enough of himself. ah, self-love. colbert said the artist painted him in dots and measured him with calibers. >> i even sent them a dvd of my latest colonoscopy. >> reporter: ey missed one detail. >> i'm american. >> reporter: tried not to be a pompous tv guy myself. how do they do this? do they dip you entirely in hot wax and it pulls all your hair out and everything. >> most of the time they actually murder the suspect. >> reporter: they didn't murder dan rather but they did relegate him to the gift sho
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1